Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $17,000 and take nearly three weeks to complete!

The Challenge

Small and medium businesses are highly dependent on the availability of their systems and down time is not an option. If your server goes down, it can cost thousands of dollars and take a substantial amount of time to bring it back up.

Most data backup and recovery solutions in the market today are too expensive, complex, and require trained IT professionals to implement.

Small and medium businesses often have limited budgets and IT staff. Furthermore, they need a backup and disaster recovery solution that can be operated without the need of a full time IT staff.

The Solution

Total Business Backup by Business Computer SOS provides small businesses a simple and affordable way to protect their systems against Natural and Man-made Disasters.

Total Business Backup backs up your entire server to two separate locations. A Local USB Backup for Quick Data Recovery and Remote Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery. It also includes Professional Installation, Disaster Recovery Software and Bundled Offsite Storage.

A combination of these four factors makes Business Black Box the most complete backup and disaster recovery system on the market.

Top Benefits

Minimize Downtime

Advanced recovery technologies allow Total Business Backup to recover a system in minutes rather than hours or days. This allows you to minimize downtime and prevent business loss.

Recover an Entire System or a Single File

Our software helps you recover individual items or the entire system. With additional add-ons, you can recover Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, Emails, Calendar Items, or Microsoft SQL Databases.

No Need for Onsite IT Personnel

The Total Business Backup comes with Free Professional Installation. This includes backup installation, testing, configuration and a customized Disaster Recovery Plan.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Clients in Health, Financial and Legal industries can meet strict compliance requirements by utilizing our Secure Offsite Data Backup, Archival, and Disaster Recovery Planning Services.

Advance Your Backup

Tape and USB backups have high failure rates, lengthy restoration times and high maintenance costs. Total Business Backup addresses these issues and brings your backup system to the 21st century.

Complete Managed Solution

Our backup system is a complete managed backup solution. We manage your backups so you can manage your business.

Automatic Backups

With our automatic backup feature, you can be sure that your data is being backed up without even thinking about it. The convenience of automatic backup software is that it performs all operations related to data backup and disaster prevention automatically, not requiring user attention.

Disk Imaging

Disk imaging software captures an exact "image"; of your computer. In case of a system crash, a system can be recovered without having to reinstall the Windows operating system. This feature restores an exact copy of your system including Operating System, Emails, Databases, and Settings.

Bare Metal Restore to another System

In the event of a complete server crash, you can restore your entire backup to a completely new server. This process will completely restore the entire server, even if you have to start from scratch, put in a blank hard drive, or buy a new server altogether.

Dual Destination Backup

Our software can backup your system to two locations for extra security. You can maintain a local copy for quick recovery and an extra offsite copy to our servers for disaster recovery.


Juli Wilsor
They came and re-installed our entire network, saving us thousands of dollars, with twice the efficiency. Thanks BCSOS, you rock!
Nick Lucio
They helped us to organize and manage the I.T. in our corporate offices, nation-wide.
Nikki Whitfield
Nikki WhitfieldNon-Profit Busniess, Sacramento
They are the best I.T. company in the region.
Joshua Wood
Joshua WoodRegion Builder
I run Region Builder of Sacramento. Anytime a member or myself need computer support, I don't hesitate to use or refer them to BCSOS, because they're amazing.

Compare Total Business Backup by BCSOS

While most data backup solution providers only focus on data backup, we specialize in data recovery as well.

When your system goes down, there are only two things on your mind;

1. How soon can the system can be brought back up and,

2. If the data can even be recovered.
With Business Black Box, you can confidently answer “YES” to both of these questions.
A properly implemented Backup and Disaster Recovery System can save your business thousands of dollars in the event of a system crash.
Poor “unstructured” conventional backup methodologies, such as tape, CD Rom, and external hard drives, etc., are not good enough because of:

  • Difficulty in detecting problems of backup before performing restoration
  • Slow read / write speeds
  • High maintenance costs
  • Expensive offsite storage tape libraries
  • High failure rates during data restoration


Total Business Backup

Online Backup

USB Backup

Tape Backup

  • Local Backup
  • Secure Offsite Backup
  • Direct Online Data Access
  • Fast Local Data Recovery
  • Disk Imaging
  • Bare Metal Restore To Another System
  • Backup Job Management and Reporting
  • Complete Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Time to Restore a Complete System*
  • 30min
  • 2-5 days
  • 1-3 days
  • 1-3 days

*Actual recovery time will depend on the amount of data stored on the system