Block Spyware, Spam, and Viruses before they Hit Your Servers

Service Overview

Businesses today are heavily dependent on their email systems. Spammers on the other hand are well aware of this fact. They are constantly using new techniques to get malware and viruses into your system. It takes only one infected email to take down an entire network if your systems are not fully protected.

Our Solution

BCSOS employs a variety of tools to fight spam, viruses and malware. Our tools are designed to protect many types of email systems including Microsoft Exchange, POP and IMAP. We can also archive an organization’s message to meeting compliance requirements.

Nikki Whitfield
Nikki WhitfieldNon-Profit Busniess, Sacramento
They are the best I.T. company in the region.
Nick Lucio
They helped us to organize and manage the I.T. in our corporate offices, nation-wide.
Juli Wilsor
They came and re-installed our entire network, saving us thousands of dollars, with twice the efficiency. Thanks BCSOS, you rock!
Joshua Wood
Joshua WoodRegion Builder
I run Region Builder of Sacramento. Anytime a member or myself need computer support, I don't hesitate to use or refer them to BCSOS, because they're amazing.

Microsoft Exchange Security Overview

  • Protect Microsoft Exchange, POP & IMAP Email
  • Block Spam, Spyware, and Malware
  • Archive Email Messages for up to 7 Years
  • Collect Mail in Case of Local Server Failure
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Email Backup and Folder Level Message Recovery
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