A consultation meeting with one of our Cloud Experts can answer all of your questions

Cloud Consultation

Service Overview

Everyone in the IT world these days are talking about cloud and cloud computing. It’s also evident that all the talk about cloud computing has caused great confusion amongst the business owners and decision makers. Our cloud consultation service is designed specifically to help you get familiar with cloud computing.

Is Cloud For Us?

Yes and no. You cannot ask this question unless you completely understand the cloud. Cloud is not a Cingular service, it’s just a term to describe hosted applications and servers. Some application run better from a local server while others are more suited for the cloud.

What is Cloud?

Did you know more than 90% of the technical problems can be fixed remotely in as little as 15 minutes? Our help desk Experts are highly trained in various Remote Support technologies. Whether you have a virus infection or a software glitch, we can have you up and running in no time. Our remote support service is also up to 50% cheaper than an onsite service call.

Free 2 Hour Consultation

Our cloud consultation service is specifically designed to answer all of your cloud related questions. You can meet with one of our Cloud Experts at no charge. We can even provide a second opinion and evaluate your existing cloud migration plans and proposals.

Juli Wilsor
They came and re-installed our entire network, saving us thousands of dollars, with twice the efficiency. Thanks BCSOS, you rock!
Nikki Whitfield
Nikki WhitfieldNon-Profit Busniess, Sacramento
They are the best I.T. company in the region.
Joshua Wood
Joshua WoodRegion Builder
I run Region Builder of Sacramento. Anytime a member or myself need computer support, I don't hesitate to use or refer them to BCSOS, because they're amazing.
Nick Lucio
They helped us to organize and manage the I.T. in our corporate offices, nation-wide.

Free 2 Hour Cloud Consultation Overview

You have questions about the cloud computing and we have the answers.

  • Learn About the Cloud in 30 Minutes or Less
  • Determine if Cloud is Ideal for Your Organization
  • Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing
  • Learn and Understand Cloud Security Risks
  • Assess Applications for Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Vs. On-Premise Cost Analysis
  • Learn About Various Cloud Vendors
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